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How to get into the video game industry ?

The video-game industry is a multibillion dollar business that spans the globe and entices millions of people each year in age ranges from five to 70.
Here is how to get into the video gaming industy.

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1) Play video games. You can’t work in the industry unless you have a knowledge of what it is about. Know the different systems, styles of games, what is popular and what gamers want. Know the difference between first-person shooters and role-playing games, for example. Have a working knowledge of the most popular video game systems. It can help you decide what direction your video game career should take.

2) Take classes in video game design, production or marketing. Try to determine what field in gaming you want to work in before you choose an educational direction. Many schools offer bachelor’s degrees in video gaming fields. Some degrees — like video game design — help you get a job as a developer. Other fields — like game marketing — prepare you sell and advertise the games your company creates. Decide whether you want to work in game development or with the business side of gaming before you choose your classes.

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3) Research developers. Start by looking into the companies who create the games you like the most. If you’re a fan of the Halo series, try looking into Bungee. If Modern Warfare is your favorite game, research Infinity Ward. Navigate to their websites and look for internships or jobs. Try finding an internship while you’re in school to start developing contacts and experience before applying for a paid position.

4) Create a portfolio and resume. Include copies of any projects you created in school, including games, game write-ups and advertisements in the portfolio. Ask professors or employers for letters of reference and put these into your portfolio as well.

5) Apply for jobs. At interviews, discuss your interest in video games. Be prepared to give reasons other than thinking games are fun if you want to work with a developer. Explain your ideas for games and what you would like to see happen over the next ten years in gaming.

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